"The Wake Forest meeting will be a major opportunity to honor the reporters but more importantly to discuss what has been accomplished and what must still be done to make tort law coherent and to encourage its adaptation to evolving social needs."

Lance Liebman
Director, The American Law Institute
Professor, Columbia University School of Law

Wake Forest School of Law, University of Texas School of Law, and The American Law Institute are co-hosting a Symposium on April 2-3, 2009 about the Third Restatement of Torts. The American Law Institute’s efforts to prepare updated principles for negligence and strict liability claims have been in process for over a dozen years. Now, with only a Chapter that addresses the modern developments in land possessor’s duties remaining to be approved at the ALI’s annual meeting in May 2009, this monumental effort will be completed.

Virtually all of the leading torts scholars in the country, along with several prominent American jurists and lawyers, and international scholars will gather in Winston-Salem to discuss and critique this Third Restatement of Torts. Coverage includes duty, negligence, proximate cause, duties to rescue, emotional harm, land possessor duties and causation. The causation session will address a controversial section on proof of causation in toxic substances cases. Officers of The American Law Institute, including Director Lance Liebman and President Roberta Ramo, will be in attendance, as will be the two Reporters who have completed this project, William C. Powers, Jr., President of the University of Texas, and Michael Green of Wake Forest University.

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